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Frequently asked questions

The PIS is provided and the contract is concluded with both legal entities and natural persons engaged in individual business activities.

If the instalments are collected to an account with Contomobile UAB, the responsible employee will inform you about the list of the documents mandatory for opening the company account.

If the instalments are collected to accounts with other banks, you must submit an electronic certified excerpt of the legal entity from the Center of Registers, which is not older than 3 months.

In both cases, the head of the legal entity must download the Contomobile mobile app to their phone and register as a customer, i.e. to identify a natural person and open a natural person’s account. The instructions on how to register can be found here.

In accordance with the procedure defined by the Republic of Lithuania Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, we are obliged to know our customer and verify the data thereof. Therefore, this procedure is mandatory when establishing a business relationship. The customer's personal data are secure as we do not have the right to use it for any purpose other than providing the service. You can read our privacy policy here.

The conclusion of the contract usually is done within 1 working day, when the required documents are submitted.

The price of the service is specified in the price-list.

You have the right to terminate the contract by providing us with a written notice 30 (thirty) calendar days in advance. Additional charges do not apply.

To change your payment collection account, you must submit a written request with a qualified signature.

The list of the currently integrated financial institutions can be found here.

The list of banks is constantly being supplemented and updated.

In the beginning of each month, an invoice is sent containing the information regarding the payment of the services provided.

In cases when the payer's and the beneficiary's accounts are with different banks, and the payer's bank does not make instant payments, and if the payment is initiated on non-working days or on working days after 4 p.m., the funds will be credited to the beneficiary's account only on the next working day.

You can perform integration without the plugin by calling the Contomobile API. You can find the integration specification with the detailed description of the process here.

The current list of the supported plugins can be found here.

The buyer, the customer of the e-shop, wishing to pay, is directed to the payment window, where he/she connects to his/her online banking system by entering the login details. Having checked the correctness of the information about the initiated payment, the buyer confirms it.

You can get a demo version of the service here.

In order to test how the plugin works, you can transfer the amount of € 0.01 from your account with any of the listed financial institutions to the test shop.

So far, we are currently developing this service.

If the buyer has made a payment via Conto QuickPay, firstly, the SIGNED status is shown in the e-shop, i.e. the transaction has been successfully completed and the money has been debited from the payer's account.

The subsequent changing of the status in the e-shop depends in which financial institution the instalments are collected:

-          if they are collected in the account with Contomobile UAB, the first callback with the SIGNED status is sent, and as soon as the funds are credited to the beneficiary's account, the second callback with the CONFIRMED status is sent.

-          if the instalments are collected in other banks, the second callback with the CONFIRMED status is not sent.

This information is known to the developer of the e-shop. You should contact the e-shop developer or those who you rent the e-shop from.

For the integration to be successful, you must follow the general specification of the integration or of the specific plugin (depending on whether you will use the plugin for the integration). In addition, a contract ID and a secret key are generated taking effect immediately.

The secret key is transferred via the Contomobile self-service portal by the file of the B64 type. You can get the instructions on how to find it here.

If the e-shop has a test environment, you can integrate with the Contomobile test environment, and test the integration. The access to the Contomobile test environment (Sandbox) can be obtained after signing of the contract on the provision of the payment initiation service.

The formation of the order number and the text of the payment details depends entirely on the collector of the instalments, i.e. the instalment collector itself creates the order number structure or payment details’ text.

This is an unique payment link which can be integrated into emails, SMS messages, and other similar notifications for the payer to conveniently pay for the goods purchased or services provided. The payer, having received a message with such a link, has only to click on it and initiate the payment.
You can find a description of the active payment link in the Integration Guide section "Direct widget call not using widget.js".