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What is PIS?

Conto QuickPay is a payment initiation service (PIS) enabling e-shops to receive payments online and allowing customers having an account with a bank or other financial institution to pay for goods or services.

PIS and Bank link payment differences

Both the payment initiation service (PIS) and the Bank link service offered by banks are intended for the same purpose, i.e. to settle for goods or services remotely.

The Bank link service reaches customers of solely one bank, thus, merchants need to enter into agreements with all the banks, from whose customers they wish to accept payments, while PIS allows accepting payments from all banks and other financial institutions by concluding just only one agreement with us.

PIS charges are significantly lower than those of the Bank link service.


Bank link

Short money crediting time for the seller


Secure, reliable payment


One agreement and one integration, covering all supported banks and other payment institutions


Lower price


Constantly and independently growing range of financial institutions in various countries


Settlement from other countries


Benefits for business

Advantages of our solution

We have developed the Conto QuickPay service to meet all customer needs. We guarantee a secure method of settlement and fast payment receiving, we also apply attractive pricing. We are always ready to answer your questions promptly and provide the necessary advice.

Business development

Possible spheres of PIS application

The Conto QuickPay service is intended for various businesses when settlement for goods or services is done remotely.

For e-shops

It is suitable for e-shops of various sizes and varieties of assortment: from the smallest to the largest.

For service providers

Convenient collection of payments for various services, including public utility payments.

Subsidies / charity fundraising

A quick and convenient way to raise funds for charity or get a subsidy.

Reminder of future payments

A modern solution to provide payers with the information on future payments by email with the possibility to pay by simply clicking the button in the email itself.

Active payment link

A unique payment link can be integrated into emails, SMS messages, and other similar notifications for the customer to conveniently pay for the goods purchased or services provided.

Coming soon

Possibility to pay by a payment card

Settlement made using not only Internet Banking, but also a payment card.

Coming soon

Periodic payments / subscription

Automated periodic payments, perfect for periodic ordering of services or goods (subscription).

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Demo version

To check how the plugin works, you can transfer 1 cent from your account at any of the financial institutions listed below to the test e-shop.